Nursing is personal.

It’s only fair that nurses be treated personally. We recognize the pressures of your position, and that’s why we put your needs first when finding your perfect travel contract.

About Us

Journey Healthcare Solutions is a national travel staffing company, offering travel contracts for qualified healthcare professionals around the country.

We provide an element missing from most healthcare staffing agencies: friendly follow-through. We don’t just place nurses in jobs and disappear — we consider your specific requests, guide you through the hiring process, and offer continued support after job placement. In other words, we’re here for you throughout.

 Our founder Rich Benvenuto launched Journey Healthcare Solutions following years in which he led healthcare staffing agencies, during which his experiences showed him both the best and the worst of how
nurses can be treated. Now, he’s making it his mission to do his utmost by nurses, so they can do their best for patients.

“When I started Journey, I promised myself that I would always do the right thing for our people.”

         Rich Benvenuto, Founder of Journey Healthcare Solutions

At Journey Healthcare Solutions, the right thing is simple: always having your back while thoughtfully matching frontline healthcare professionals with the hospitals that seek them and the patients who need them.


Our Services

At Journey Healthcare Solutions, we place healthcare professionals in a wide range of contract positions, including but not limited to: Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Ultrasound Technologists, Speech-Language Pathologists & Surgical Technologists

positions that we staff

allied health professional

TRAVEL Nursing

travel nursing professional