What People Are Saying About Journey Healthcare Solutions

“Working with Journey, I have always felt respected, valued and confident that the company has my best interests at heart. For a traveling Healthcare Professional, it is vital to trust your company … and I trust Journey wholeheartedly. I focus on my patients and they focus on everything else.”

Nancy B. – Traveling CST


“This was my first time working with Journey and I was a little cautious because I had not heard of them before. I took a chance when I saw an email from them come across my computer and I am so glad that I did. My recruiter Charlene worked quickly to get everything going for me and get me working as soon as possible. She made everything as seamless and easy as she could. I was really impressed when the CEO reached out to me.  I couldn’t believe he would even know who I was. Charlene has continued to check in on me weekly or even more often and has always been there and easily reachable for any questions I have. Working with Journey has been one of the best decisions and I have highly recommended them to other travelers I work with. “

Jillian B. – Traveling RN


“When I stumbled across a posting from Journey I was a bit skeptical… simply because I had not heard much about the company. Something in my gut td me to go ahead and take that leap of faith. Throughout the entire time they have been absolutely amazing. No issues with pay or scheduling and they are super helpful and understanding. My recruiter (Charlene) has even been my venting buddy after I have had a hectic shift. She is always checking in on me and it does not feel like I am just a number. I have never had a staff job make me feel as appreciated as they make me feel. All in all, I am beyond grateful for this experience and even more happy to have taken the leap of faith and work for such amazing people. I will definitely do more assignments with Journey in the future.”

KeAsia K. – Traveling RN


“When I first heard of Journey Healthcare Solutions, I saw a post on Facebook stating they had travel contracts in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always wanted to do an assignment in Georgia! When I called, I was put in contact with Charlene, my nurse recruiter. She’s been amazing, sweet, and patient since the very beginning. I was very skeptical since I couldn’t find a lot of info on the company, but they give me the contact information for another traveler who was one of the first nurses. She gave me the “scouts honor” that I’d be taken care of! She explained that she would follow them anywhere because they’re honest and great people! I was still nervous out of my mind. Most importantly, I was afraid of working and not being paid. I am so glad I signed that 3 week contract! A 3 week contract has turned into 16 weeks total, and waiting on an extension! During the process of signing my contract, Charlene was very patient and addressed anything I had concerns about, especially guaranteed hours and stipends. I have been treated more than wonderful and I feel so appreciated! I am paid on time every Friday with no problems! This is the happiest I’ve been traveling! I’ve worked with 8 different companies, and this has been the best experience thus far! I feel like Journey is my family, and I love them dearly! “

Mora K. – Traveling RN


“Journey Healthcare Solutions is the BEST!!! From day one they have been so personable, helpful, and reliable. They have truly made me feel supported as a bedside nurse through answering my many questions, providing me with their personal phone numbers, gifting me with surprise gift cards, and even remembering my birthday. I have worked with another agency before, and I can definitely tell that Journey actually cares for their nurses’ wellbeing. I’m so thankful I am a part of their team!! (I mean what other CEO of a company reaches out to their nurses on a personal basis?!?)”

Mallori H. – Traveling RN


“My experience with Journey, has been amazing. When I experienced some difficulties on the assignment, I received support from my recruiter and CEO. I felt as if they truly cared. I would definitely work with them again. I would and did recommend this agency to other nurses. I give them 5 stars.”

Sherry C. – Traveling RN

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